2018 Membership

Membership set for 2018!

So the Membership prices have been set for the next season, let’s take a look at what’s on offer….

The biggest thing in the Membership pack is all Adult Members will save £10 at EVERY competition in 2018!! Yes EVERY race!! Plus Kids will save £5 at EVERY event!!

Have a quick look at the plans for 2018 so you know your money is being well spent:-

The Main Cross Country Championship consisting of 10 Rounds (worst 2 rounds to be dropped);

The Long Edge Series consisting of a 3 Hour, a 4 Hour, a 5 Hour & a 6 Hour Cross Country event;

The Hard Edge Cross Country Enduro;

The Sharp Edge Sprint Event;

6 Winter Cross Country Event Series (Jan-Feb and Oct-Nov-Dec);

No less than 18 Practise Days!!

Not only is the saving there for Events, its also there for Practise Days too with Members saving £5 at each one! Potentially you are looking at a £300 saving for the cost of £40! What an absolute BARGAIN! And there really is something here for everyone – when Edge say all their Championship events will be run at 10 different venues, they will be!

Membership also enables you to register your own personal, preferred rider number for the year! How awesome is that! You are then eligible to score Championship points in the 2018 Main Championship AND you will receive an Edge gift pack. What more could you ask for? It’s a great way to build on new and old friendships with your fellow competitors throughout the season. So if you want to be moving forward with the newest Enduro Events Company on the market, then get sorting your Membership! It truly is a bargain!

NB – All boxes need to be filled in to proceed with your application – If you aren’t sure what to put in the licence box, and you are paying for a new licence, then just put “2018”, if you need the ACU code, then just put “Code Required”. ACU codes are available once Membership has been completed and paid for. 

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