Winter Warmer 3 TONG, BD4 0RR

The 3rd event in the Winter Warmer Series will be held at the awesome Tong Parkwood Offroad Centre this weekend, 2nd and 3rd December.

The track is ready to go, with photos already on the Facebook Page and Official Group, of the areas that are being used. There will be 100% effort going into making sure there’s something for everyone here so that you have an enjoyable weekend riding – whether you are attending the Practise Day or the Race day on Sunday.

The Practise Day tomorrow is the whole track – the hard section is in for tomorrow, plus a Youth route. £30 pre booked, £35 on the day bookings.

Then on Sunday Signing on will start for everyone at 8am.

There will be an event for the Kids for an hour and a quarter, on the line for 8.45am for the Rider Briefing, then starting at 9am – Youth A, Youth B and Juniors – £30 pre booked, £35 on the day bookings.

At 10.45am, all the Adults need to be on the line ready for their Rider Briefing – then they commence at 11am for 2 hours. This is for all classes – Novice/Beginners, Sportsman, Sportsman Vets, Over 50’s, Ladies, Clubman, Clubman Vets, Expert Vets and Experts. £45 pre booked, £50 on the day bookings.

One Day Competition Licences are available to anyone that needs one for £5. Again the track will be suitable for all levels of abilities, with some harder routes and chicken routes in.

There will be catering on site by Parkwoods very own Caterers, Paramedics/Medics on site all weekend along with Toilets.

Signing On will be at the Edge Marquee along with the Edge Spares Shop all weekend.

Everyone is more than welcome, for one or both days. Book in on the Events Page or alternatively send a text with your name, class, rider number and if you need a Day Licence to the Event Mobile on 07557 447084.

More details on the Events page.

Looking forward to continuing the Winter Series with you all 😊

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