Event Phone: 07557 447084

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Stick to the marked course!

Crossed arrows means caution/slow down/attention.

Blue taped areas mean WALKING PACE ONLY!!!! Please respect Edge Offroad’s Rules and Regulations!

SPECTATORS MUST REMAIN IN THE SPECTATOR ZONE AT ALL TIMES!! Do not wander off onto the course, you will be a danger to yourself and the riders!

All Children must remain with a responsible adult at all times.

All dogs must remain with a responsible adult at all times AND to be kept on a lead!! Please pick up your own dogs mess!

Please keep all possessions locked away at all times. Do not leave your bikes unattended at any point.

Suitable for most ages and ALL abilities!

2020 Yearly Licences £20.

Everybody’s MORE THAN welcome, members and non members!!

There will be Catering, the Edge Medical crew and Toilets on site all weekend.

The Edge Spares Shop will be on site all weekend with Edge clothing available, Kids Hoodies £20, Adult Hoodies £25. T Shirts £10, Polo T Shirts £15, Bodywarmers £25, Hooded Jacket £55, Softshell Hooded Jackets £50, Zoodies £25, all Hats and Caps £10, plus all your essentials – levers, chain, donuts, grip wire, oils, sprays, drinks bladders, USWE replacement parts, inner tubes plus loads more! All your hydration requirements will also be available from the Signing On tent all weekend with the new SiS products and BEET IT Sport nutrition range.

Please book in via the event mobile on 07557 447084, on Facebook through the Edge Offroad page, message Sonya Jarvis or use the website www.edgeoffroad.events ??

Anybody wanting to help out or marshal MUST SIGN ON WITH THE Event Organiser!!



Despite the Organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen.

Please comply with all instructions from the Marshals and with all notices, and remain in the Permitted Areas Only!


Event Mobile 07557 447084.

Any further queries regarding this event please message the event mobile.

Look forward to seeing you all this weekend ????

Thanks in Advance,

The Edge Offroad Crew


  • TBA
    Sunday 8th November 2020
    7:30 am - 3:15 pm


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