2022 Membership

Membership is now open for 2022!

So plans have been set for the new 2022 season, let’s take a quick look at what’s on offer!

  • 2022 Membership is at the EARLY BIRD rate of £30 until the 31st October 2021.
  • The biggest benefit in the Membership pack is ALL Members will save £10 at EVERY Play Day and ALL Members will save £10 at EVERY competition!
  • In the Licence box please put “2022”.
  • At least 20 Races & 20 Play Days = £400 saving for all members, all for £30, until the 31st October!
  • The National Cross Country Championship (NCCC) will consist of 10 Rounds (weather dependant), which will be 8 races that will have 2 double header weekends – 1 round to dropped; THE PLAN IS TO USE A DIFFERENT VENUE FOR EACH NCCC RACE.
  • The National Endurance Series, consisting of 3 x 2 hour Cross Country style events for the Youths & 3 x 4 hour Cross Country style events for the Adults. Solo & 2 Rider Team.
  • The National Extreme Championship – there will be 5 of these, some will have different format’s.
  • The National Sprint Series consisting of 4 Sprint events – 1 Sprint weekend, and then the other 2 will take place on a Saturday before another event.
  • To finish off there will be plenty of Play Days throughout the year.
  • Membership also enables you to register your own personal rider number for the year. (Rider Numbers are allocated on a first come, first served basis.)
  • You are then eligible to score Championship points in the 2022 NCCC.
  • You will receive a NEW 2022 Edge Offroad Gift Pack.
  • In the Gift Pack will also be your own Pre Printed Race Numbers which will be colour co-ordinated to the class that you choose.

It truly is a bargain! Get yours secured!

NB – All boxes HAVE TO BE FILLED IN to proceed with your application – If you aren’t sure what to put in the license box, and you are paying for a new license, then just put “2021”, if you need the ACU code, then just put “Code Required”. ACU codes are available once Membership has been completed and paid for. PLEASE NOTE – WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT IOPD LICENCES. An IOPD licence is also required at Play Days.

In the Rider Number box PLEASE give a few different options for your personal race number!


All information received will not be released to any third party. This is securely kept for the IOPD, Edge Offroad and Medical purposes only.

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