NEW FOR 2021!

So as you all know, I like to be different, and not be a sheep! So thinking outside of the box, I’ve decided for the 2021 season to do the all NEW EDGE ELITE SERIES!

This will consist of 2 of each National Series disciplines; so Cross Country, Extremes, Sprints and Endurance. At the end of this it will give us, by class, the overall all round CHAMPION! The guys and girls who are the best all round riders in the UK! Just to jazz things up a bit!

More details will come soon enough – but this is your time to get your 2021 Membership done, to save you £££ throughout the 2021 season!

Yours in Sport,

Sonya xx

#firstneverfollows #thefutureisbright #offroadriding #enduro

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